Projects Engineering and Estimating

CleanuC bases its vision on a solid expertise in decommissioning and nuclear engineering

CleanuC provides its Clients extended expertise capabilities on decommissioning and nuclear engineering

Program execution management and advisory

Through its extended competencies CleanuC is able to intervene on expertise missions for the Owner, covering all relevant areas:

  • Safety and radiation protection
  • Regulatory context
  • Project strategy and organization
  • Technical solutions, taking into account lessons learnt from both the nuclear and conventional industries,
  • Economic optimization
  • Contractual approach

CleanuC's value proposition is a unique combination of expertise and practices that enables us to propose high value solutions to operators. CleanuC is involved both upfront at project definition stage and during the project execution itself as program management support.

Decontamination and decommissioning studies

CleanuC executes decontamination and decommissioning operations studies.

Those studies include preliminary and detailed feasibility studies for new technologies or technologies derived from previously available techniques from the nuclear or conventional industries.

Independent expert reviews of processes or technologies allow Owners or Contractors to better assess the capability of their processes and their expected performance.

Decommissioning cost estimating

CleanuC is also able to develop reliable, independent cost estimating on the basis of detailed decommissioning scenarios, that can be used as a benchmark by owners / operators.

This approach includes cost estimating based on lessons learnt and benchmarks from similar projects as well as a bottom up approach from elementary tasks. It applies at all stages of project development including early stages.

In addition CleanuC can execute detailed project risk analysis (both qualitative and quantitative) to determine contingency funds. Depending on the estimating class required, CleanuC can also provide comparison elements on the risk related to the project definition level.