Welcome to CleanuC

Expertise in Nuclear Safety, Decommissioning and Project Execution

Nuclear and Decommissioning Technology

CleanuC has a recognised expertise in nuclear technology and decommissioning approaches, including cost estimating. We are able to advise and assist Owners / Operators as required in particular during early scoping and planing phases, including when new technologies are considered.

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Combined Expertise Nuclear Safety – Industrial Needs

CleanuC is capable to propose innovative approaches that combine nuclear safety requirement and industrial performance requirements (operating flexibility, total cost of ownership) as well as project execution aspects. Those approaches are the foundation of a leading expertise on how to combine diverse requirements for successful decommissioning projects. Specifically, CleanuC proposes interventions aiming at optimizing operating cost and decommissioning budgets.

Nuclear Safety Expertise

CleanuC provides nuclear operators with nuclear safety studies based on innovative methods. These modern approaches respond to the latest regulatory requirements while taking into account better the operational requirements. They are particularly well suited to fast evolving facilities like those that undergo decommissioning, or facilities that are operated under a wide range of operating conditions.

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