Our Team

Jeremie Averous

Jérémie AVEROUS, Chairman

Jeremie Averous is a former department head at the French Nuclear Safety Authority (waste, decommissioning, research facilities and polluted sites). In particular he initiated the national plan for radioactive waste management.

He is also a globally recognized expert in large complex projects delivery, in particular in the energy sector. He is the founder and managing partner of Project Value Delivery, a boutique consulting company in the field. He is involved globally as an advisor for executive management at companies executing large complex projects.

Jeremie brings to CleanuC both his nuclear expertise and best practices in complex projects delivery, as well as a global experience.

Antoine CLAISSE, Managing Director

Antoine Claisse's career focus has been entirely nuclear safety with positions in IPSN/IRSN, CEA and hence as head of nuclear safety for nuclear contractor OTND. He is particularly specialized on decommissioning operations' safety. Antoine founded a company specialized in nuclear safety for 3 years, which then became CleanuC in 2016. Antoine also had the opportunity of an assignment in the U.S. CNWRA (Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses) on the integration of the “risk-informed – performance-based” safety approach.

Antoine brings to CleanuC a solid knowledge of all aspects of nuclear safety including innovative approaches that enable to improve safety while allowing and industrially flexible execution of decommissioning works. 

Antoine Claisse

Mathieu Julien

Mathieu Julien, Commercial Director and Decommissioning Division Manager

After formal studies in fundamental physics, Mathieu Julien got involved in the practice of nuclear facility decommissioning. He has more than 10 years experience in various management positions at main contractors for decommissioning works. Mathieu has a particular experience in the field of developing decommissioning works strategy, and of cost and schedule estimating for decommissioning works. He is in charge of growing the decommissioning division of CleanuC since early 2017.

Mathieu brings CleanuC a recognized expertise on actual decommissioning projects and a deep knowledge on the realization of work in a nuclear environment.