Following up on the activities of  Aquila Nuclear France, the nuclear safety expertise developed by CleanuC covers all aspects of nuclear risks. It allows to take into account all applicable regulatory and recommended practices.

  • as early as possible in project development
  • during the first phases of operational, equipment and facility design
  • accounting for the needs of operational flexibility
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Integrated Approach

The integrated approach to technical risks developed by CleanuC derives from the « Risk-Informed and Performance Based » approach. Its objective is to secure the achievement of an essential step which is the delivery of the regulatory authorization to operate for an entire facility or for a specific operation.

We are also capable to account for the specific requirements of industrial operations and associated flexibility to produce an approach that improves safety while improving the manner in which nuclear facilities are operated from the nuclear safety standpoint.

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CleanuC intervenes at all stages of regulatory processes

CleanuC nuclear safety projects take advantage of our experience as regulators, operators and nuclear contractors. We intervene at all stages and levels during the regulatory process :

  • Justifying to executive management and project management for large nuclear operators nuclear safety and regulatory constraints with regard to the possible consequences and scenarios and industrial consequences
  • Justifying nuclear safety approaches and constraints at the facility level to achieve internal authorizations
  • Support to nuclear operators during regulatory review processes by Nuclear Safety Authorities.
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Our nuclear safety expertise covers all life phases of a nuclear facility

The expertise of CleanuC covers all phases of nuclear facilities :

  • Design of new facilities or specific equipment,
  • Modification of existing facilities or equipment,
  • Ongoing facility operations,
  • Decontamination, decommissioning, dismantling and release phases and operations.

In all cases mastering risks is our priority; technical feasibility, operational performance and cost control are for us integrated requirements.