Project Management and Control

CleanuC is able to advise Owners and Contractors on project definition and execution 

CleanuC provides expert advice to its clients through its comprehensive knowledge and capabilities on project management and control 

Achieving a comprehensive overview of your project

CleanuC brings to Owners and Contractors an independent expertise that enable them to better grasp the complexity of their projects, taking into account nuclear specific constraints. This global approach allows to increase the probability to reach the expected outcome including on schedule and end-state. 

CleanuC is able to advise on realistic industrial approaches and complex project setup including organisation and governance.

To anchor those capabilities in the real nuclear decommissioning technologies, CleanuC also benefits from its own capabilities regarding decommissioning engineering expertise.

Expertise in contractual strategy

CleanuC advises in the field of contractual strategy, taking into account its knowledge of the market and of the specifics of the project. The contractual strategy is often a key success element for a project. 

Strategic partnership with Project Value Delivery

Project Value Delivery is a consulting firm specialised in large complex projects over many industrial areas. Thanks to this partnership CleanuC has access to the best proven international practices in terms of project management and control. 

For more information visit Project Value Delivery's web site